Friday, 29 March 2013

Indian Textiles

I've been very spoilt! My friend Laura has recently been to India on holiday and has brought me back some lovely things. It was my birthday in February and Laura suggested that I wait for my birthday present so that she could get me something in India. I was all for that but I think she has actually brought me back several years worth of birthday presents. Here are some of the lovely textiles that I received.

This bag is hand printed with natural dyes and I'm going to love using this.

There was also this lovely make-up bag made with printed fabric and it has a lovely beaded cords on the zip closure.

And a print block so I can so my own printing but it looks almost too good to use. I'll enjoy just looking at this for a while until I do actually print with it.

Then there was this bag which is covered with beautiful and delicate hand embroidery both back and front.

This detail photograph gives you an idea of the amount of stitching in the piece even if the colours have become a little bleached out.

There was also two hand stitched cushion covers but being white makes them difficult to photograph but hopefully you can see some of the detail. I thought I might make the cushion covers into a bag but I need to give that some more thought but I do anything drastic (and no, I haven't got enough bags!). 

I also had a beautiful woven silk scarf but I have found it impossible to be able to get a decent photograph of that, so I'm afraid that's missing. Who's been a lucky girl then? Thank you Laura.


  1. Wow! Definitely worth waiting for!!

  2. Gorgeous Indian textiles! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I like the white cushion covers best, but all are fab!

  3. Lovely Indian textiles design. I love the pattern you shared.


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