Saturday, 23 March 2013

Taking Textiles Further - Feb 2013

At our last Taking Textiles Further (TTF) weekend, I continued to work with my collection of cotton reels. This time we worked with layers.  I took one of my images of cotton reels in the landscape, placed cotton reels on top, then suspended a layer of glass over them and then added more cotton reels on top of the glass.

I then drew from the layered structure, which was made more difficult by everything 'moving around' every time I shifted in my chair. Anyway, this is the pencil drawing I did from my layered cotton reels.

I then coloured in a photocopy and started to draw on top of the image but then wished that I hadn't drawn on top. 

or maybe you prefer it in a landscape format?

We then used canvas and thick threads to continue our design explorations. I have never enjoyed working with canvas and this time was no exception but I did like the affect I achieved by stitching with some of my dyed fabric. I think it's the randomness of the colours and the texture that I like.

What next? Well I won't be progressing the canvas work but it has provided inspiration for my fabric printing and with a bit more tweaking of the image it may inspire a new piece of work. 


  1. It is interesting following what you are doing with TTF although I agree about the canvas. Don't think it would inspire me much either!

  2. I do prefer it in portrait format and maybe also flip it? But then maybe not :)The textures you've created on the canvas is lovely.


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