Thursday, 4 April 2013

Fabric Printing - Gridlock II

I have finally finished 'Gridlock II' - just need to add the hanging device. It measures roughly 80 X 90 cm and at first glance it's not obvious that there is any stitching.
But as you can see from the detailed photographs  that I have done quite a bit of stitching.

I like the overall effect and it has inspired me to work in a similar manner on my purple gridy piece. I plan to discharge a strip of the fabric and stitch on it but this time I would graduate the colours of my thread so they were darker in colour at the bottom and lighter in colour at the top, which would echo the gradation in colour in the dyed fabric. Watch out for Gridlock III!


  1. Love the detail in this Marian.

  2. Love this work Marian, beautiful colours!

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