Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Matthew Harris and Tim Rowan Exhibition

Yesterday, I managed to leave work early enough to go to the Matthew Harris and Tim Rowan  exhibition at Erskine, Hall & Coe.

Images taken from the exhibition catalogue

I really liked the earthy colours in both Matthew and Tim's work and they worked well together, although they were very different. I always admire artists who, like Matthew, are able to place individual elements together to create a new coherent piece. Whenever I have tried to do that, I feel over whelmed and don't know where to start. As for Tim's vessels - well I wouldn't know where to start with those either but I particularly liked the chunky ones and I don't remember seeing anything similiar before. 

The exhibition has been extended and is now on until the 28th March, so if you find yourself in Old Bond Street, picking up your latest YSL or McQueen outfit then it is well worth a visit. If you can't make it, then there are images of the work on the Erskine, Hall & Coe web site.

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