Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Acrylic Wonderland

I spent last week at Committed to Cloth on the Acrylic Wonderland course which was led by Claire Benn and was described as  'A week of exploring the joys of acrylic mediums and paints'. It was great to spend a week away from work being creative and trying out techniques. 

We explored many things but towards the end of the week, we looked at how acrylics could be used to transform some of our previously dyed fabric 'dogs' into something more pleasing. This was my favourite ex-dog.

...and this is how it started looked before I took the acrylics to it.
This was another piece of cloth that had been dyed and then overprinted some time ago and had been left lurking at the bottom of a box and destined to stay there, it was an ideal candidate for over printing. 
 I over printed it with several shades of grey (but not as many as you're thinking!) and I hope you can see the layering effect. 
Not a master piece but it does lend itself to some brighter over printing as below or perhaps the addition of some dramatic stitching. 
Earlier in the week we had created a paper lamination and this is what I used to overprint my 'dogs' with (not the small red print) and I quite like how this left the paper lamination. I may mount the lamination on a some cloth and stitch into it.....one day.

All the time I was experimenting and watching demos, I was looking out for ideas to progress my Chilean landscape theme. One of the ideas I progressed quite far and will show you in another post. Others are still bubbling in my head. It was a good week