Sunday, 2 March 2014

Klee and Artist Textiles Exhibitions

I have enjoyed two exhibitions recently, firstly the Klee Exhibition at the Tate Modern.


The EY Exhibition: Paukl Klee banner

The Klee exhibition could inspire a whole series of textiles work. I always think of his work  as a patchwork (!) of colour but I really liked his use of colour in a lot of his other work too, for example the backgrounds that he mono printed onto. Some of his paintings were created onto burlap - surely that makes him a textile artist too

He meticulously catalogued his work and I thought this might be a useful thing for me to do too. Not that I'm putting myself up there with Klee but in a few years time it could be helpful to look back and know when a piece of work was created, perhaps it's inspiration, any exhibitions it had been in etc.

The other exhibition I enjoyed was the Artist Textile exhibition at Fashion and Textile Museum.

artist textiles spotlight-open

It was good to see how well known artists had their designs printed on fabric and also made into clothing. I have made one blouse from my digital design and made one blouse from fabric I had printed but I came away from this exhibition wanting to do more. The problem is I have more ideas than I have time at the moment, so first things first, I need to concentrate on finishing things for the Hue exhibition in April.

Maybe I could aim smaller and create some scarves? This one used a sketch by Henry Moore:

This one created from an image created by Salvador Dali:

The artist's work is easily recognisable in the scarves. I think both these exhibitions are worth a visit and if you go with a friend to London by train, remember to pick up a 2 for 1 leaflet at your station or visit the days out website, then you can both get into these exhibitions for the price of 1. Can't be bad. The Klee exhibition ends on 9th March, so you'll have to be quick to see that one.



  1. Don't put yourself down - I look forward to seeing your first exhibition at Tate Modern! I loved the Artists and Textiles too - and wanted to come home and paint myself a 'fruit and veg face' scarf. Didn't know about the 2for1 deal though x

  2. I'm looking forward to your first Tate Modern exhibition too! I loved the Artists and Textiles and came home inspired to try all sorts of things.


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