Saturday, 8 March 2014

The Proud Owner of New Textile Art

I'm used to buying fabrics, threads and and the paraphernalia that goes with it but last weekend I bought two lovely finished textile pieces. The pieces were beautifully stitched by Melanie Forrester and were shown in our Taking Textiles Further Exhibition in November last year ....and I've had my eye on them ever since.

The stitched part of these pieces is around 4 1/2 inches square and there's not a millimetre of unstitched fabric to be seen. You can see the beads and chains from the jewellery that the designs were based on.

As you can see the stitching is beautifully done and I love the raised chains that sit on top of the other stitches and as for those french knots......

Besides the fact they are beautifully stitched another reason I think i like them is because they are so different to my own work. I'm very pleased with them - thank you Melanie.


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