Sunday, 30 March 2014

Combining the Blue and Yellow Landscape

I have worked on my blue and yellow landscapes again.  This time I used soy wax to protect some of the yellow fabric and then scraped dark blue dye paste pretty much everywhere and I think it has made the 3 pieces a bit more interesting. Here's one of them....

.......and a close up of a section of the fabric. The waxing and over printing has added some additional texture which I like.

I only ever intended to create 1 blue/yellow landscape piece but in my repeated attempt (and failure) to recreate my paper design in fabric, I created 3 hardly distinguishable pieces. So what to do with them? I knew I wouldn't want to stitch all 3 but there in my sketchbook was a design that looked like it was made up of 3 landscapes (if you squint!)

I manipulated and folded the fabric, exploring options to use all 3 pieces of fabric into a single piece of textile. Here I have folded and placed 3 pieces on top of each other to create the 3-in-1 landscape. I was surprised to find that I quite liked this. Maybe the horizontal lines are a bit too straight though?

I also folded the fabric vertically and I must say that I preferred the horizontal marks that this created. I like the folds but I don't want it to look like curtains! If I cut it into strips and stitched back together, would it become bitty?

The next question is could I combine the two ideas? This time I made horizontal folds

I like the random marks created by folding the fabric but I  think I prefer the marks made by the vertical folds. Could I create a piece combining vertical strips and three horizon lines? I think I'll give it a go!

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  1. I rather like the horizontal folds.I won't be able to make it to your private view on Thursday but hope to visit the exhibition another time. Hope it goes well.


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