Thursday, 29 January 2015


About 18 months ago, I saw a simple white lace dress, which I thought would look rather nice in another colour, so I bought the dress and decided to dye it.....well I already had the dyes, what could go wrong? I had planned on something pale and summery but the acid dyes I used just didn't work on the dress.  As the dress was no longer white but wasn't really any other colour either, I decided that I would have to go bold and go for a deep colour to cover it all up.

The dress turned a dreary colour and certainly not something I would wear, so when I saw this iDye Poly for sale,  I thought that I'd give dyeing the dress one last go.

In a pan I keep for such occasions, I  bought my dress up to a simmer and added the dye.

And it worked! It came out a really deep colour, even if it did leave the dress with a chemically smell, which has reduced but still lingers after 2 washes.

I can safely say that this dye .even dyes your marigolds, any cloth you use, your sink and even your kettle. The kettle was on the other side of the hob to the side I was working but even so stray dye particles managed to reach the kettle and only some of them have come off. It's only in writing this post, that I noticed that the packaging states you don't need to open the packet of dye you can add the packet to the water. If only I'd seen that earlier, that would have saved my kettle.

You live and learn as they say and the most import thing I have learnt from this is that if you don't like the colour of the garment then don't buy it!


  1. As you say, we live and learn! and we've just learnt from you! Hope you enjoy wearing it, great colour!


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