Monday, 9 February 2015

From Chile to Chilly....

I have recently returned from a fabulous trip to Chile and Easter Island. We saw some amazing scenery and often it was right outside our hotel window. We went from desert to lakes to glaciers and from worrying about sunburn to wearing a coat and gloves and wishing I'd brought a hat.
From hot and dry to cold and steamy at the geysers...
And all of the early starts were so worth it...

I took over 1000 photographs and these here are just a few (!) of those I expect to inspire future textile pieces.
And on the textile front, I saw lots of knitting and weaving. They have a strong tradition of weaving and the textile gallery at the Pre-Colombian Museum in Santiago was excellent with lots of well preserved pieces. I was disappointed that no photography was allowed but I was very pleased to find that their textile gallery guide is available online and in English.

I saw lots of contemporary weaving too, especially on hotel walls

And sometimes more unconventional items were used to weave with, this one is woven using tape measures:
But when it comes to knitting, I think the Peruvians are ahead. It didn't matter how hot it was, people were knitting and trying to sell the garments. I even saw a lady knitting a toy llama on four needles made from cactus you wouldn't want to drop that knitting in  your lap! And I did see was lots of people knitting figures, who were well.... knitting.

Putting knitting aside, if you ever have the opportunity to go to Chile, do. The landscapes are fantastic, there's lots to do, the people are very friendly and the food's good - especially if you like avocados, which fortunately I do.


  1. We were so busy on Saturday I completely forgot to ask you about your holiday. It sounds wonderful.

  2. Lovely photos and obviously a wonderful holiday!


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