Sunday, 19 January 2014

TTF- colour - Part 2

In my recent Post I showed the results of my experiments with blues and yellows. Here are some more of my experiments, randomly using 3 warm and 3 cool primaries and again isolating areas within the page. Mounting it on a thin border of red really brought the fd red out in the piece.
I emphasised the shapes in this next piece by outlining them in pencil. I think I should have left some of the highlighting off some of the shapes, so that some would appear to be behind others. Interestingly, I hadn't noticed this until I saw it in this post.
I don't usually work in bold colours but I think I could be persuaded to. Maybe I should consider it more often? More often? Who am I kidding? I never consider it! Isn't this what experiments are about? Sometimes I  just need someone else to guide/persuade me to try something different and this is one of the reasons I like to go to the Taking Textile Further workshops. I try something different and surprise myself with what comes from it.
I also experimented by layering strips of one paper onto another but the result didn't do a thing for me. Just as I have never seemed to create anything pleasing from weaving papers, a technique which is often championed. 

However, I was pleased with this arrangements of the off cuts, even though they look like an unpromising bunch on their own and are of different lengths.
I took a photocopy of the arrangement, rotated it and cut it into strips. I quite like this and the top 3 rows remind me of a log in the woods. Not quite pink trees but they certainly have unusual colours .
The joy of photocopies is that you can replicate and cut them up as often as you like in order to explore different ideas.

I'm off to C2C on Saturday and looking forward to getting back to working with fabric. I haven't been there since October and have lots of things I want to work on. Hopefully I'll have some fabric to show you soon. 


  1. Hello. Sandra here. Interesting work. Not sure I understand it all. I have a story as 2 how I ended up here...Nice art...♡

  2. I agree about weaving and I never seem to get good results but the strips with white space between them have so much potential. The piece on the red background look great too. Lovely to read your process

  3. Well, I beg to disagree! I love the red/black/lime green weaving, and I can see a sunset over a Scottish loch. Time to give up the hallucinogens, maybe .


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