Tuesday, 7 January 2014

TTF - colour - Part 1

In November, yes that long ago, I went to the first Taking Textiles Further workshop of the academic year. This year the theme is colour and one of the exercises we did was to randomly paint with two primary colours. I chose to use yellow and blue as it would mix to make green, a colour often found in landscapes. I painted the yellow and blue on A3 paper and with a postcard sized frame looked for 'landscapes' within it and it was surprising how many I found.

The first painting I made was with a warm yellow and blue.

There might even be more than 1 landscapes in these images.....


...and then I painted with a cool yellow and blue.

Some years ago I went on a collage workshop and only had pink paper left for the tree trunks, so my trees were pink! I really liked the image because of the pink trees, not despite them.

These abstract landscapes have reminded me of my pink tree collage because again I like the use of the 'unnatural' colours in the image. I'm inspired again to create some landscape pieces using unexpected colours but I don't think it'll be anytime soon. At the moment I seem to be generating design ideas, whilst creating textiles from designs I generated the previous year. It's not all bad, at least I have a store of ideas to dig into.


  1. Ooh I really like those, I think the third one is my favourite. Could really see those in textured and sheer fabrics. Get dyeing!


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