Sunday, 11 August 2013

Festival of Quilts 2013 - Part 1

I had a lovely day at the Festival of Quilts, yesterday. It seemed to be a particularly good year, with lots of very impressive quilts to see. If you were unable to go yourself, then I hope that you will enjoy seeing a selection of the photographs I took.  Firstly though, allow me a bit of self indulgence. I was thrilled when I found my Lago Maggiore  in the exhibition and that it had been selected by Pat Archibald.
Even with Pat selecting it, I couldn't help thinking that my quilt may have fit better in the Art Quilt category, rather than the Contemporary Quilt Category. Perhaps next time I'll phone up to seek advice beforehand, not that it would make too much difference as the winning quilts are in another league altogether.  
This piece by Jill Exell won the Art Quilt Category and it was easy to see why this was a winner. I loved the subtle colouring and the detail when you got up close.
I enjoyed the SAQA exhibition: Metaphors on Ageing. This fun quilt was made by Bodil Gardner.

I was very impressed by how Mary Pal created such detail with 'just' black fabric and loose weave muslin...and a lot of skill obviously! 

I also enjoyed the Beneath the Southern Sky exhibition, especially as I have a soft spot for Australia. This one was made by Sandy Corry.  

This Quilt by Stephanie Crawford won the Pictorial Quilt category and the detail was amazing. I can only imagine the amount of drawing and planning required for this piece before  even a single stitch was sewn. 
These next 3 quilts were part of a Group Quilt Entry, called the Streets of London and was by Kreativt Sanatorium. I particularly liked the different perspectives of these quilts.

 I think that's all I have got time to post today but I hope to post a few more photographs in a few days time. Hope you come back to see those too.


  1. Well done on being the Judge's choice! One day I might be brave enough to enter something.

  2. Hi Marian
    Congratulations on being the judges choice, well deserved.
    I was impressed how different the quilt looked in real life after seeing it on screen.
    Very well done.

  3. Congratulations on your achievement Marian.


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