Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Breakdown Printed Blouse

In a previous post I showed my breakdown printed cloth and here is what I made with it. Hands up those who thought I wouldn't do anything with it? Even I feel my own hand twitching to go up at this point! I was hoping to make a simple dress, simple because it would be easier to achieve but also because simple would mean less seams and darts to break up the pattern. 
The pattern I chose to use was Butterick 5211, the one illustrated in purple below.
I had enough to make the dress if I had the pattern going horizontally but I really wanted the pattern to remain vertical but this would have made the dress too short. I wasn't overly concerned about this as I thought it would make a good tunic. But after I had made it up, I tucked it in and I left it loose and I tied it with a belt and came to the conclusion that it looked better as a blouse.
I am quite pleased with it and it looks better on with real arms going through the sleeves than it does on the dummy and there are some interesting patterns on the off-cuts that I could do something  else with. Now who thinks I'll soon be showing what I have done with the off-cuts? My hand is firmly down now.


  1. Awww that's brill!! And yes, seeing the offcuts would be good. Hand definately up!

  2. Marian that is really stunning and looks just the thing for this summer. Look forward to seeing you in it sometime...

  3. It looks fabulous - hope we get to see you wearing it?


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