Saturday, 15 June 2013

Post Sampling

I couldn't put it off any longer....I had to tackle the pole in the water. So using an off-cut, I trialled 3 ways of adding a pole to my fabric.

I tried painted bondaweb, Markal Paintstiks and fabric paint. I was convinced that the painted bondaweb would be the best method but it wasn't. So glad that I trialled it!

The painted bondaweb (right) was a bit plasticy, once I'd added enough paint to achieve the desired colour. The fabric paint (bottom left) was OK but was a dense all over colour and was also a bit plasticy. My clear favourite was the Markal Paintstik (top left).

So I bravely set about adding a pole to the main piece, which I think gives it additional interest and depth.

Even though I'd trialled the techniques, I was still a bit nervous adding the Markal as it was going to be really obvious if there were any mistakes but if there are any I haven't noticed them yet. So now to the least you can unpick that if you make a mistake!


  1. Excellent stuff: really taken both with the qualify of light and depth that suffuses the work, as well as the dedicated and experimental nature of the effort needed to produce the finished product.

  2. Looking good... looking very good!


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