Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Drawing Inspired by Landscapes

It's not often that I take time off work to go on a course but today I went to Amanda Hislop's landscape sketchbook course at Art Van Go. The first thing that I did was to draw (quickly) from one of my photographs using Markal stiks and inks. Firstly on one side of the paper and then...

...on the other side.

The paper was then cut to create a book-like structure.

The cuts and folds create mini pictures and new perspectives and here are just some of them:


I guess you could achieve something similar with a pair of 'L' shapes but I think the cutting and folding does make you consider combinations you may not otherwise have done.
It's been really nice to be 'forced' to take time out to draw into my sketchbook. It has also made me have another look at my C&G landscape sketchbook and I have been surprised by how many of the ideas still interest me enough to take them into textiles. I have many more ideas than I have time to pursue but it's probably better that way round. Of course, I won't be starting anything new until my lake piece is finished!
Just in case you were wondering, I did do a lot more than this today but I left the sketchbook to dry in the studio. It's a two-day course, so I've got tomorrow to look forward to, too. Hurrah!

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  1. Lucky you! It sounds like a lovely course.


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