Saturday, 29 June 2013

Drawing Inspired by Landscapes II

It was good to have the time to work into my sketchbook but just as my ideas were coming together and I thought I might be on the brink of something 'big', I had to go back to work! Hopefully, the ideas are brewing nicely, somewhere in my head.

I was working with a photograph where the light made the soil look a dark maroon colour and it reminded me of a collage I created using a limited selection of papers. If I wanted to represent trees and I only had pink paper left, then pink they were. I quite liked the effect of using colours you wouldn't expect to find in a landscape. So I used a pinky colour in some of my sketches. 

This one was created by rubbings and ink washes on paper, which was then torn to represent the field structure in one of my landscape pictures. 

This one was created with a wax and wash technique.

This was created with two small mono prints that I stuck together and coloured to create a simple landscape. The dark patch in the sky area looked like a tree when it was in black and white but strangely, became less tree-like once I had added some green.

This is a section of a larger piece which I folded in the same way as the folded paper in my my last post . It suggests rocks and water to me and I plan to work back into this one. .

I really liked the technique of folding paper to create different perspectives. Simple but effective. I also tried it on a photograph of Lake Louise and whilst it is a magnificent photograph, which is more to do with the landscape than my photography skills, I find it a little overwhelming. Where to start, how to represent it? But folding the image without thought to where abouts in the image the folds would fall, takes a lot of the dithering and decision making away from you. The folding created a number of lovely images that I could work with. I'll be doing this again.

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