Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Cotton Reel Patterns

I enjoyed creating my Drawing with Stitch sample and I would like to create another piece in a similar way. Nothing too big but something that I could pick up easily and even take away on holiday with me. With this in mind I have been exploring cotton reel patterns by repeating and mirroring one of my drawings. Here's the three designs that I have created: 

The pattern with the hole in the middle

The arrow head pattern

The flower pot pattern

Clearly these wouldn't be as 'free' as my original sample but I think they have potential. More thought required on how to transfer the pattern to cloth and how to stitch it. Which one do you prefer?


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  2. I think the third one is my favourite. Not sure why but I'm not so keen on the space in the middle of the design of the first one. Well done Amanda on winning the prize!


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