Saturday, 8 September 2012

Gridy Cushions

I needed some new cushion covers for the sofa and decided that I would print some fabric and make them. It would make a change to make something practical, if nothing else. I wanted a gold colour fabric and used my large gridy screen to start to create it. By over printing I hoped that the fabric would have visual texture and interest.

The colour was very difficult to create, first of all it was too bright so I'd knock it back with a duller colour, then I thought it was a bit dull and I would try to brighten it with some over dyeing....until I got to a colour that I could live with.

Believe it or not these two photographs show the same cloth. The photograph at the top is closer to the 'real' colour but the one below shows the printing better. 

The brick red strip was printed with screen inks using the smaller gridy pattern. Is this what they mean by complex cloth? The colour is difficult to create, it's difficult to photograph and the colour looks different in different lights. At least making the cushions went smoothly.

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