Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Developing the gridy cloth

In my last post I showed the early stages of development of my gridy cloth. I wanted to treat the two sections of the cloth differently and to over print on the front of one section and the back of the other. So I cut the cloth in two.... On the first and larger piece, I used my larger grid to print on the back of the cloth. This is the cloth after the printing was completed. The difference it made on the other side of the cloth was minimal.

Overall I think this is an improvement and if the cloth was more soft and drapey I would be tempted to make a simple top. As it is, I'm not sure what I'll do with it but ideally it will turn into something I will be inspired to stitch. I might try discharging a section of it and then stitch on the discharged section. Before I do take the discharge paste to the piece I plan to experiment with different strengths of discharge paste  and I have dyed some cloth in preparation.

On the second and smaller piece I over printed with the larger gridy thermofax on the front on the fabric. Again I think that has improved the piece but it definitely needs something added on top. I'm not sure what yet. All of this makes me question why I do the printing. What do I hope to achieve?

In reality I probably won't be do anything else to these pieces until I am back at Committed to Cloth in July. That should give me plenty of time to refine my ideas or perhaps to forget about it entirely. We'll see which one it is.

At the end of a printing session, I like to use up any spare dye paste on odd bits of cloth. I don't usually put much thought into how I use it and often over print on pieces that I am less than pleased with. I created one on my favourite pieces of cloth this way. 

This printing session was no exception and I'd already overprinted the cloth a couple of times previously and then I printed with my large gridy thermofax on top.  I can't remember whether I was in a hurry or whether I was being rebellious but I didn't pin the cloth down prior to printing and it resulted in a broken image.

I'm still trying to decide whether this has resulted in a mess or something that has potential.  Probably a mess but nothing's lost as it's cloth I wasn't fond of and dye paste I didn't need.

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