Friday, 18 May 2012

Between Cloth and a hard Place

I received an invitation to the private view of the  Between Cloth and a Hard Place exhibition at the Menier Gallery, London . The gallery is very close to where I work so I was pleased that I was able to attend. I was looking forward to seeing the exhibition and I wasn't disappointed. There was a wide variety of textiles and I bumped into a number of people that I hadn't expected to see, so that was an added bonus.

The exhibition is on until the 26th May 2012 and is well worth a visit if you are near London Bridge station.  I thought I'd do a quick post to tell you about the exhibition whilst there is still time for you to visit the exhibition yourself. I have picked out some of my photographs for you to see.

I picked this one by Lynne Butt because although I'm not sure what materials she has used, it reminded me of my desire to experiment with using plaster in a piece. Some time ago I even bought some plaster to play with. So what's my excuse?

This cushion reminded me of the view I have of St Paul's from my desk and I grow fonder of St Paul's everyday. Perhaps one day I will do a piece based on it? This too was by Lynne Butt.

I picked these vessels, by Carol Waddle, because I really liked the composition, the colours and the addition of hand stitching.

This piece was by Allie Heath and came as a result of Allie experimenting with colours and dye baths. There must have been a lot of dye baths! I would like to do more experimentation with colour and would lilke to create a reference library of colour. It will take a lot of time and a lot of discipline to create a true reference library where the colours could be repeated when required. 

There were a number of 3D pieces by Caroline Taylerson and I liked the fact that they were different. Still a piece of textile art you could put on the wall but they had a very definite 3D element. There were a number of separate pieces that the gallery visitors could interact with and create their own 3D textile sculpture. Very creative.

Last but not least here is a piece by Delia Pusey. I loved the colours and textures of this piece.

Hopefully this has given you a taster of the exhibition and perhaps tempted you to go to see it? The exhibition is on two floors and there's a lot to see.

PS Just starting to wonder if there's such a thing as a quick post? 


  1. I'm unlikely to be able to see this exhibition so thank yo so much for sharing your photos!
    Are there any more??

  2. Looks like a lovely exhibition - my favourite is the stitched sketch of St Pauls.
    And as for the quick post - no not really. I've just done a 'quick' post and it's still taken nearly an hour x

  3. Marian, Had intended to visit this exhibition tomorrow but that isn't going to happen now so many thanks for such excellent photos and commentary. At least I don;t get to miss out altogether. Excellent blog. Have added it to my list of Favourites!


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