Saturday, 11 May 2013

Threads Galore - The exhibition

Our branch of the Embroiderers' Guild has an exhibition on at the Letchworth Arts Centre  and Thursday evening was our Private View. 

It was lovely to see everyone's work and preparing for the exhibition has given an additional buzz around the branch. It's encouraged us to finish pieces, we might not otherwise have finished ..or at least we have finished them sooner than we might otherwise have done. I know that staging an exhibition takes a lot of work and so a big thank you to the exhibition committee members.

It was also nice to see and catch-up with friends. Where did the time go? Here I am on the right with my Gridlock II piece and Gina in the middle and Vintagerockchick on the left. I love their blogs and they have been so supportive to me starting mine.

The exhibition is in a big space, there's lot to see with some fabulous and varied work in it, so do go if you can. I have blurred them some of the faces in the photograph below, just to make them less recognisable. In case anyone objects to their photograph being here. Just in case you were wondering why our members looked a little strange

The branch members were asked to create an A5 size piece of work on the theme 'arboreal'. I know you can't see any of the detail but I thought they made a nice display grouped together too.

Our branch's Young Embroiderers', run by Gina, also had a display of arboreal pieces, which looked just as good and I hope seeing their work in an exhibition will encourage them to continue with their textiles work.

I wish I could had had an inspiring teacher and a group like this to belong to when I was their age. Who knows what that would have led to?


  1. I've been back to the exhibition this morning as I was stewarding, so had a much better look at all the work. It does look really good and it's a great gallery space x

  2. It is a super exhibition with some fabulous work so I really hope we get lots of visitors. Was good to see you on Thursday.


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