Friday, 31 May 2013

Reelin' I and II

We're just back from an enjoyable and relaxing holiday in Sardinia. The weather was a bit windy during the first few days and that kept the temperature down but when it stopped blowing it was glorious. I ate too much of the lovely food and despite trying to convince myself that I was using up lots of calories walking round the sites, I can tell from the fit of my trousers that I am now carrying a reminder of my holiday around with me. 


In between eating and sight seeing, I stitched some cotton reels. I did two pieces in two different colourways, both 4 inches square.  This piece was stitched on some of my printed fabric using my current favourite thread.

It took a while for the piece to take shape and I was starting to worry that it wasn't going to work. Fortunately, the more I stitched the more I liked it, which is just as well or I would have been left me on holiday without any stitching to do. Not a position I like to be in these days.

The second piece was similar but using plain black fabric and stitched with white and black thread.

I preferred the first piece to this one and I think that's because there were no variations in the black background fabric and the black in the thread just merged into the background fabric.

What next? I would like to mount them on an artists canvas if I can find one the right size. I thought that I might print one of my landscape photographs onto fabric and then stitch the reels on that - that could be interesting. Just something small that I could pickup and stitch when the mood takes me. 

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