Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Christmas Tags

I really enjoy Christmas and the build up to it but from the 28th December I'm usually itching to get the Christmas decorations down. I do leave them up until 1st January and usually take them down whilst watching, well more listening, to the New Year's Day concert on the television.

This year I was particularly looking forward to taking the decorations down as I was inspired by Gina's post to make Christmas tags out of old Christmas cards. I am now a proud owner of a tag punch and enjoyed making tags earlier today.The more tags I was able to make from a single card the happier I was. I now have more tags than I could possibly need in a year, let's hope I remember I have them in 11 months time.

I wish you all a happy, healthy and creative new year.


  1. They look great and you are way ahead of me. The cards came down today but they are all in a paper bag waiting for me to make tags and if I'm true to form I'll discover them still in the same bag next December!

  2. Ooh snap! I too went and bought a tag punch, and by luck it was half price in Hobbycrafts (other craft stores are available). What an inspiration that Gina is!


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