Sunday, 26 August 2012

Olympic postcard exhibition

Last week I went to the Embroiderers' Guild Olympic Postcard Exhibition  which is currently on display at  St Martins-in-the-Field Church in London. Each branch of the Guild created a series of stitched postcards relating to a country that was participating in the Olympics.  This picture shows the postcards for 5 countries, with my own branch North Herts & Beds as the last country on the right - Zimbabwe.

There were around 200 countries represented, so there was a lot to see! Most of my photographs were of postcards at eye/camera level as they were much easier to take and get a good angle on. The work was accredited to a branch but not to an individual artist.


It's well worth visiting the exhibition if you are in London. There's such a variety of techniques and it's interesting to see how the countries have been represented. The postcards would make a wonderful reference guide for reminding you of techniques you had forgotten about or for inspiring you to try new ones. There was often a lot of detail captured in a small piece. Perhaps I should try to  work smaller? I know at least one person who wishes I worked at a smaller scale!

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