Thursday, 12 July 2012

New Designer's Exhibition

A couple of weeks ago I went to the New Designers exhibition in London, which showcases the work of UK graduates. I have been going with my friend Laura, for a number of years now. When you go to an event for a number of years you can't help wonder whether you have seen it all before  but this was most definitely not the case. There was some wonderful work, in particular digitally printed pieces. Laser cutting was less prevalent than it has been in previous years.

I came home wanting to start my next Whispers piece but I need (and must!) complete my black and orange gridy piece first.

Unfortunately, I don't have any photographs to show you but the good news is that you can see some of the work of the graduate's work at the Arts thread website.  It's definitely worth a look. The exhibition has now closed but I would recommend you go next year, if you are able.

I'm spending the next two days at Committed to Cloth which I am really looking forward to. I've got some experiments planned, some work to progress and some cushion fabric to print. I hope to have something to show you soon.

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  1. I was upset to miss New Designers this year. Had at good evening at the Guild with Gwen Hedly tonight though. Enjoy your weekend at Committed to Cloth


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