Saturday, 9 June 2012

Taking Textiles Further May 12

I recently attended the 'Taking textiles Further' weekend, which is tutored by Janet Edmonds. It was the 3rd and final weekend on grids and also of the academic year. The weekend's theme was 3D.   

One of our starting points was to use the paper grids from our previous weekend. I had a particularly large grid which I threaded with some of my gridy fabric to secure into a 3D structure. The aim isn't to create a finished piece but rather to explore design ideas. It may inspire a 3D piece but equally a drawing from the 3D piece which could inspire a 2D design. 

The aim with this second piece (below) was to create a gridy piece held together with wire, which could be manipulated into a 3D piece. I wasn't sure where this was going. You may be able to see fragments of paper grid at the bottom of the piece and my learning point is to be more daring....try putting things together to see what happens. What have I got to lose? Who knows what ideas might come from it?

I manipulated the piece into a 3D form a drew a section of it. The drawing below was drawn with a 2B and 4B pencil wound together.  

A more conventional drawing method here but how else would I have come up with these shapes? 

I think that one of these pencil drawings could be a starting point for the next stage of my gridy cloth. More food for thought.

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  1. I love the 3D piece - and the weavings.


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