Friday 20 October 2017

Xenotopia II and III at K&S

K&S at Ally Pally came and went and we (HUE) were pleased with the response we got to our exhibition. Lots of people told us they had read 'The Old Ways' and lots of people said they were going to read it as a result of our exhibition and it's nice to think we have inspired people enough to read the book. If Robert McFarlane sees a spike in sales, I hope that he will link it to our exhibition 😊. 

My previous post  only showed one of my pieces, so if you didn't get to the exhibition here are the other two pieces in the series.

Xenotopia II
This is the detail of my square stitching near the horizon which I rubbed with white fabric paint to suggest a white salty surface on Xenotopia II.

Xentopia III
Xenotopia III had stitched paper in the foreground and appliqued rocks on the horizon line which I now realise I still need to photograph. 

One of my favourite comments in the visitor's book was 'I felt I could step into the Salt Flats', and I'll take that any day.

As well as our 'main' pieces, we each created another work which was the same size and colour as the book but in the style of our 'main' pieces. Each piece would be sold in aid of Macmillan nurses. Mine is in the middle of the top row although the detail is difficult to see in this photograph.
I know these pics of the gallery don't do justice to the work and talents of the HUE members but hopefully they will give you an idea of how the gallery looked and if you didn't see it at Ally Pally please come and see us in Harrogate,  if you can. I'll be stewarding on Saturday and Sunday (25th and 26th November).

I was only able to steward on the Saturday but I really enjoyed talking to the visitors. I spoke to a number of people who knew me through my blog and it encouraged me to try to post more frequently. I hope that I do but I have also just started back to full time work and I'm feeling quite enthusiastic about it at the moment so let's hope the new girl enthusiasm doesn't leave me any time soon. I've lots of other salt flat ideas that I would like to pursue.....and that's just the way I like it....

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