Wednesday 15 October 2014

Knitting Stitch Show - Alexandra Palace

We went from this..... this and..... 
...and this....

...and this.

I was keen to gain experience by being part of the hanging team and it was interesting to get a glimpse behind the scenes of a major show... I'm so pleased that I did it.

But it wasn't all work and stewarding, I also had chance to look round the galleries and the stalls. These days the latest gizmos and books don't have the appeal that they once did and now if I have a supply of white fabric, dyes and some threads then I'm happy. (So what am I doing with all the other things I have? Mmm....)  

But I did spend some money...I really liked the different expressions Gina created on these faces and I couldn't resist the grumpy looking one, 2nd from the left. The expression on the face reminds me of someone I know....someone I'm very fond of as it happens. 

At one time, it seemed there weren't many galleries that you could take photographs in but fortunately that seems to have changed recently and here are a few of the photographs I took. 

i loved this piece by Cindy Kearney, which was exhibited in the zero 3 gallery.

This beautifully delicate bowl was made by Gladys Paulus.

This dog by Nicky Barfoot certainly had attitude!

In the past I have tried doing needle lace and as a result I have a much admiration for Robina Melville who created this needle lace cat mask.

I found the work by Jo Beattie very inspiring, how nice it would be if these were based on photographs of your loved ones? I don't think I was alone either, I over heard a number of people talking to Jo about commissions.

So all after all that preparation and build up, it's all over....until Harrogate that is. See you there?

Sunday 5 October 2014

Hue at the Knitting & Stitch Show

My work has been delivered. What a relief! There's nothing else I can do now. The plan is that my three pieces will all hang together on the same wall and so I wanted them to be presented in a similar way and with two of them having 3D elements on the front they needed to be supported. I've had all three pieces stretched by Val of Kendals framing and I'm very pleased with the result. Val comes to Art Van Go every Saturday, which is handy for me as I live nearby. Val has given very useful advice and has been very patient with me as I have explored different options and made some changes.

This is 'Geo Landscape II'. Each of the blocks is based on the shapes in the landscape and the background cloth has been printed using some of the shapes. The colour gets lighter as it moves up the piece and the shapes have been outlined with hand stitching.

70 X 60cm
Believe it or not this is a picture of the same piece! I think the real colour is somewhere in between the two photographs and I've had the image below printed onto some postcards, which I will have for sale during the exhibition.

This is Geo landscape III. In a similar manner to the Geo Landscape II, I created a strip of fabric, using shapes from the landscape as my source but this time I pleated the strip. The background fabric was printed with triangles, to echo the more angular forms in the pleating. Again, I outlined the shapes with hand stitching and the depth of the colour fades as it goes up the piece.

90 X 58 cm
I have also had postcards printed with this detail from the piece and I was really pleased to see the stitching visible on the postcard. All the faffing composing and playing with the light reflector paid off.

Initially I wasn't sure whether to use an image of the whole piece or just a detail on the postcards but I've almost got the best of both worlds by including all 3 finished pieces on the back of the card and the detail on the front. It took some work in Photoshop to get what I wanted but I think it was worth it.

And last but not least, Geo Landscape I...the piece it all started with. I have posted images of this before but this is the first time I have shown it stretched....and anyway you would want to see the set wouldn't you?

The packaging of the 3D pieces has been a concern for me but after much thought I hatched a plan for using cardboard boxes and polystyrene. However, hubby thought they needed something better and stronger and he has made me wooden boxes for the 3D pieces. How lucky am I? They will be secure and I'll certainly have less cause for concern about them being transported in a crate to Harrogate now.

So here's one of the boxes with space for the 3D bits to fit into the gap.

And here's the piece in the's a good fit isn't it?

and here's the three of them ready to get transported....

There's more to this exhibiting that meets the eye, isn't there? I wonder how much time I have spent on these pieces, the packaging, the photography etc. Lots! I'm sure it's all going to be worth it though. Perhaps I'll have the discipline to keep a tally for my next piece?

I'll be stewarding on the stand on Saturday, so if you're visiting then come and say hello. I'll be visiting with my Mum and friends on Sunday, I get the feeling that there won't be much time to see anything on Saturday!