Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Printing with my 'Torn Paper' Thermofax

The two pieces of fabric I printed with my torn paper thermofax are now ready for stitching.  The photographs do not show them at their best, partly because it was a dismal day when I took the photos and partly because they are light in colour making it quite difficult to capture the detail. 

I printed two pieces and for both I cut the fabric in two, lightened the sky and roughly pinned some darker fabric along the horizon line. I have started to add some tacking stitches to mark the stitching areas in the piece below:

Although the overall effect is light, it is made up of layers of colours, which I hope adds interest to the piece.

I used some brighter colours in my second piece, as I knew I would overprint with white fabric paint, mimicking the processes I used on the paper and trying to link back to the whiteness of the salt flats.
This is a close up of the piece and hopefully you can see where I've added texture and the brighter colours underneath the white over printing.
I'm really looking forward to stitching into these as it seems ages since I've done any and hopefully I'll find some time over the Christmas break. I've had some valuable feedback on these pieces which in my heart I think I knew but tried to ignore so I could move onto the stitching phase and that was that these pieces of fabric don't begin to show the scale of the landscape I'm trying to convey. I think this is partly down to me working on a smaller scale in my kitchen but now I'm going to plan my next piece better and not let the space dictate the cloth to me and that will probably mean wearing several fleeces and working in the garage. Brrr..I'm just going to have to treat these as two very large samples!

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