Sunday, 21 December 2014

Stitching with Sprouts

I couldn't resist making this Christmas wreath after seeing the instructions in the Waitrose Weekend paper. I made a hole in the sprouts with a screwdriver, threaded a needle with string and then strung the sprouts onto the string and wrapped them around a ring of willow.  I added a ribbon and it was ready to hang.

I was planning to hang the wreath on the front door but as now seems really obvious, it was just too heavy, so it's hanging on a large nail next to the front door. The first person who came to our house after the wreath was hung, declared it the 'weirdest thing she'd ever seen'....I was strangely pleased with that comment.



  1. A very resourceful use of brussels :-) Happy Christmas!

  2. Bonkers! You could have a party game of 'eat the sprout off the wreath!'

  3. At last - a use for sprouts! I love it. What I think is really weird is that anyone would consider eating them.

  4. Well it is certainly different! I never understood what wreaths have to do with Christmas anyway, even though we have one (sans sprouts) hung on our front door.


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