Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Knitting Stitch Show - Alexandra Palace

We went from this..... this and..... 
...and this....

...and this.

I was keen to gain experience by being part of the hanging team and it was interesting to get a glimpse behind the scenes of a major show... I'm so pleased that I did it.

But it wasn't all work and stewarding, I also had chance to look round the galleries and the stalls. These days the latest gizmos and books don't have the appeal that they once did and now if I have a supply of white fabric, dyes and some threads then I'm happy. (So what am I doing with all the other things I have? Mmm....)  

But I did spend some money...I really liked the different expressions Gina created on these faces and I couldn't resist the grumpy looking one, 2nd from the left. The expression on the face reminds me of someone I know....someone I'm very fond of as it happens. 

At one time, it seemed there weren't many galleries that you could take photographs in but fortunately that seems to have changed recently and here are a few of the photographs I took. 

i loved this piece by Cindy Kearney, which was exhibited in the zero 3 gallery.

This beautifully delicate bowl was made by Gladys Paulus.

This dog by Nicky Barfoot certainly had attitude!

In the past I have tried doing needle lace and as a result I have a much admiration for Robina Melville who created this needle lace cat mask.

I found the work by Jo Beattie very inspiring, how nice it would be if these were based on photographs of your loved ones? I don't think I was alone either, I over heard a number of people talking to Jo about commissions.

So all after all that preparation and build up, it's all over....until Harrogate that is. See you there?

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  1. What can I say other than thank you so much. I loved your work on the Hue stand... Fabulous colours and design. And of course loved Jo Beattie's work too.


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