Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Background for the Geometric Landscape

Finally, I have a background for my geometric landscapes! I have printed, dyed in a bucket, discharged some of the colour, over dyed and over printed. Nobody could say the fabric has no history and has been through so many processes that I probably couldn't replicate it.

It was the final overprinting that pulled it together and somehow gave it a purpose. I took the shapes from this landscape and shuffled them around a bit to remove the rectangular shape and screen printed the shapes onto the fabric. To give the background a further feeling of landscape, I printed the pattern at the top of the cloth smaller and lighter than the pattern at the bottom.

I plan to hand stitch around some of the shapes, which will take time but a process I think I will enjoy. I am hoping to get this piece into an exhibition in the autumn and details of the finished size needs to be submitted soon, so it's a relief to get to this point, a point where you've got everything you need, most of the big decisions have been made and it's just a matter of stitching. 

In the picture above, the fabric is still just roughly folded and not all the individual landscape pieces are finished but hopefully you get the idea of where this piece is going. Then there's still the decision on which order to place the pieces. Lots still to do but really pleased to get to this point. It's surprising what you can achieve when a deadline is looming.

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  1. Love the colours and shapes in this piece. Look forward to seeing the finished work.


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