Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Kwang Young Chun Exhibition

Funny how things happen sometimes. At the last 'Taking Textiles Further' weekend we were looking at colour and the Korean artist Kwang Young Chun was discussed as an artist working in neutrals. His work looked interesting and so I looked him up and coincidentally he was about to have an exhibition in London. I finally, I got to see the exhibition today and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  

Each piece is made up of triangles of polystyrene wrapped in mulberry paper and tied with string. The picture below is a detail of the piece above. Most of the triangles are laid flat but there are also triangles jutting out and interspersed in the rows.

The pieces are made up of different  sized triangles with some creating flat areas and others creating highly textured areas. 

Here is a flat area next to a textured area and his clever use of shading makes them look like there are huge craters in the pieces.

Perhaps looking at this brightly coloured piece, you'll probably be wondering why he came up in discussions about neutrals but he has done some beautiful neutral pieces too.

I've been training myself to be more restrained about buying catalogues and artist books because even putting the cost aside, where do you put them all and how often do you go back to read them? But I had to get this one and I'm sure I'll be picking this book up again and again.

The exhibition is at the Bernard Jacobson Gallery in London and depending on which information you read the exhibition ends on the 17th or the 19th April, so only a few days to get and see it, unfortunately. One of the staff did suggest that if you visited on Tuesday, some of the exhibition would still be up but best to check first.  The photographs don't do it justice, so do visit it if you can. Mind you if you can't get to see the exhibition, I'm told that the V&A has recently purchased one of his pieces, so there could be another opportunity to see his work in London.

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  1. That looks like fascinating work but don't think I can manage London before the weekend!


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