Saturday, 23 November 2013

Taking Textiles Further Exhibition Photographs

Since losing my Dad I have been very busy helping with arrangements and doing all the things that need doing at these times and so I've not been able to post photographs from our exhibition....not until now that is. 
I have shown the progression of my pieces in previous posts here, here and here so I thought that in this post I'd concentrate on the work of other artists in the group. As ever, (my) photographs of textile art don't do justice to the work, so do visit the exhibition if you can.  

Buffy Fieldhouse

June Withers

Marjorie Haylock

Buffy Fieldhouse

Marian Hall (me!)- Gridlock I
Sharon Lidbury

Mary Gamester

Valerie Knowles

June Withers


Judith McBride

Top: Jeanette Guppy
Bottom 2 rows: Melanie Forrester
There are 48 pieces in the exhibition and so this is just a selection of the work and unfortunately doesn't include anything that was framed behind glass because the reflections from the studio lights made photography difficult. 

I had 4 business cards made for the exhibition, with each card representing a different piece of my work. Last week when I went to the exhibition there were none left, either there has been a lot of interest in my work (well I can dream!) or maybe people like to have the set rather than just one?

I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to exhibit to do so. It certainly makes you get work finished and there's more to staging an exhibition than meets the eye. It was good to work together as a group towards a common goal.  


  1. I can recommend visiting the exhibition!

  2. Thank you for blogging your exhibition. We passed right past it the day it opened and couldn't be more cross that we didn't think to call in. Sadly I won't be able to get there before it closes now.


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