Monday, 22 July 2013

Art, food and good company - a very nice day!

On Saturday, I went to Gina's open studio and it was great to see her work and the studio where all the creativity happens. I need/want a studio!  Here is Gina at her table of goodies and there was lots of lovely textile art on the walls which is out of shot. The pile of goodies building on the right hand side of the table is mine - I couldn't resist. Gina is 'open' next weekend too if you missed this one.

I was pleased to find that Anna Pye also had opened her studio just down the road and I came away from there with some cards, some inspiration for my landscape work and more studio envy. 

Another bonus was seeing the lovely landscapes around. I stopped the car a couple of times and took some photos that I hope will inspire some future work.

On my way to Gina's I called at Boots, looking to replace my favourite nail varnish, which doesn't seem to be produced anymore. When I saw the name of this one, I knew it was for me!
In Stitches nail varnish
 The day ended with very enjoyable al fresco meal with friends. A very nice day.


  1. I went to Gina's on Sunday. She had lots of gorgeous things, and I bought a little stitched canvas for me, and a cupcake pincushion to give as a gift. And her studio is a real inspiration, she has a fabulous eye and is very talented. Don't tell I said so though, she's only used to me being rude to her!

  2. Oooh! There I was scrolling down blogs and I thought "That looks like me". Doh!
    Thank you for the lovely mention, thank you to Gill too... I'm worried that she is poorly as she is being very nice to me!!!
    I have studio envy for Anna's studio too!


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